About Me

Before and After

Less than 5 years ago I was 180 pounds, wearing pants in the double digits, and tops in extra large.  Two years ago (March 2009), I weighed 150 pounds with 32% body fat and the clothes weren’t much different.  Today I’m happy to say I weigh 125 pounds with 17% body fat, my pants are size 2 and 4, and my tops are mainly smalls.

I didn’t take any miracle pill or do any fad diets.  At first I just changed how much I ate.  I didn’t want to discourage myself and start banning certain foods I loved.  It was all about Baby Steps.  The weight slowly started to come off.  So I started cutting down on certain “bad” foods.  I didn’t say cut OUT, but cut DOWN.  I began to count calories and stay within a certain range.  More weight came off.  I then hit that dreaded plateau at 150 pounds.  It was time to throw in something new.  Something I had been putting off, exercise.  I had joined a gym and it was time to start using it.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I had no clue what to do first, so I did what I thought would be the most fun, I jumped into some group fitness classes.  I had always wanted to try kickboxing and I loved biking so that’s what I did.  I made up my schedule and made Mondays and Wednesdays my kickboxing (Strike) class days and Tuesday and Thursday belonged to spin class.  I immediately fell in love with the classes.  The instructors were and still are awesome.  The classes wouldn’t be the same without them.

So I was participating in group fitness classes and starting to see a change.  Weight was starting to move down again and dare I say I saw a muscle or two starting to form again.  I loved what I was seeing so I started to change my way of eating.  Those “bad” foods left my everyday meal plan and became a once in a while treat.  A year later of working out and good food resulted in a 15 pound loss and 12.3% decrease in body fat.  I was obviously losing fat, but gaining muscle.  I loved it, but I wasn’t done.  I wasn’t at my desired goal.

The next step was adding strength training and weights to my weekly routine.  I joined in on a barbell class and learned some of the aspects of weights and what moves I needed to do.  When I was no longer able to join in on the class due to time conflicts, I took that knowledge out onto the free weights floor of the gym.  I made up my own routines and worked hard.  While out there in the gym, I noticed the treadmills and gave those a try too.  All the endurance I had gained from the spin classes allowed me to run farther and faster than I’ve ever run before.

Today, I am lower than my goal weight and pleased with where I am.  I have dropped a total of 55 pounds and at least 15% body fat.  I have run my own half marathon and many other races.  I love the person I have become.  I am stronger physically and mentally.  Currently, I am continuing to work on my good clean eating while building and toning muscle.  The changes I have made in my life are not something temporary, they are something for life.


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