Reaching Perfection

The Dream Body…does it exist?  For me, I have had an image in my head of what I thought I wanted my body to look like.  After I lost 50 pounds I was at a point where in my mind it was time to work on the actual image of my body.  Most of the unwanted fat was gone, but there were still a few areas that needed some work.  Some stubborn fat that was holding on for dear life.  It had to come off.  Then there were the areas that were lean enough, but it was time to build and tone the muscles.  Time to get the workouts and food plans done and get the body cooperating.  So that’s what I did.  I lost a little more weight, built some muscle, but I still wasn’t at that image I had in my head of my ideal body.  A vicious cycle was getting ready to begin – work my body hard and eat on task, not see the results so I get frustrated and give up, hate what has happened to my body from giving up, work my body hard and eat on task……  It had to stop.

A dear friend who is close to my heart, without even realizing it helped make something snap inside my head.  Why was I going through all this stress for this “perfect” body image?  Was it going to make me happier?  Would people like me better?  There was no answer as to why I was doing all this.  I worked hard and got my body to where it was healthy.  Was all this stress worth getting my body to “perfection”?  No.  There is no perfect body.  I may not be magazine cover material, but I’m happy with me.  I’m more than a scale number.  I look decent in my clothes and I feel good.  I can do so many things I couldn’t do at my heavier weight and now I’m even able to help others with their journey.

Am I still going to workout and eat mostly healthy?  Yes.  But it’s not about the “perfect” body.  It’s about staying in shape, working out with friends, and learning to love the person I am.

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One Response to Reaching Perfection

  1. what a great reminder. It is so hard not to compare to others or even just this image we have built in our heads.

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