Life’s Challenges Bring Gifts

Serenity Prayer

SERENITY, COURAGE, WISDOM – God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and Wisdom to know the difference.

A day doesn’t go by in which each of us is given some sort of challenge.  Some times we wake up in the morning knowing what some of these challenges will be.  Other times they will pop up when we least expect it.  In both instances we must face each challenge.  The question that arises is how do we face them?  Some people turn the question into, do I face it alone or with someone?  For me, I know I’m never alone.  God is going to be there to help me get through anything.  So I question whether or not to bring yet another person in to help me.  In the past I would have just kept quiet and continued on my way and not bothered anyone with any of my ‘trivial’ issues.  No reason to drag someone else into the mess.  Though now I look back and realize it was more of the fact I hadn’t found the right person to ‘drag into the mess’.  It’s about finding the right person to trust, the person that understands and can relate to you, and most importantly the person who is willing to be there for you and help you through anything.  I also believe God brings you this person when you are ready.  One thing I have learned – be willing to open your eyes, ears, and heart and you’ll receive some of the greatest gifts life has to offer.  I have recently and I’ve gained some of the most precious gifts ever which I hold close to my heart.

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2 Responses to Life’s Challenges Bring Gifts

  1. Love it and love you! God’s timing is always perfect and He cares about even the most trivial thing in your life! You are a special blessing in mine!

  2. Bruce says:

    Amy- Our church uses “shepherd teams” as a way to keep smaller groups of “prayer warriors” connected for mutual encouragement and support through sharing of concerns and prayer for them. Perhaps your church has something similar or a women’s group that gets together regularly? The person you’re hoping is led to cross your path might be found in something like one of those ministries. And I’m praying for you from far away too 🙂

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