New Day, New Things

Monday – The beginning of a new week.  It’s a beginning for many things.  I’ve begun my path back to where I was months ago (before the weight came back on).  Today, I started eating healthy again.  I haven’t eaten any ‘junk’ food today.  Just all natural yummy foods.  I will stay on track all week.  I may have one moment ‘off’ when I’m at my college football game on Sunday night and need dinner, but that’s the only time.

My son started school today.  He’s a big kindergartner.  He’s in a private school and he has to wear a uniform everyday which includes a tie.  He looked so handsome this morning.

With my son in school now, I have more time for morning workouts.  Today I did my 100 squats on the Bosu, TRX abs, and lifted weights (biceps, triceps, lats).  Afterwards, I went to my kickboxing class to get in a little more strength work and get my cardio done.  I plan on making my mornings full of workouts.

So today marks the day everything starts up.  One of my close friends and I are on a mission to get back where we used to be before summer got the best of us.


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3 Responses to New Day, New Things

  1. There’s NO doubt in my mind Amy that you will totally KILL getting back to where you were before summer.

    And your little man…..I mean how cute is he? 🙂 What a darling!

  2. Debra Higginbotham says:

    What is Bosu ?

  3. Bruce says:

    How did the 1st-day-of-school suit look when he got home? 🙂 You look GREAT btw. Don’t be down on yourself for eating/exercising off plan, just start moving ahead again and you’ll see fast improvements. we ALL experience waxing and waning of our motivation. Sorry, that includes YOU too 🙂

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