2012, It’s My Year!

Realizing this the first post of the year.  This year is turning out totally different than originally planned.  Actually, the original plan was pretty empty.  I had one race planned, but figured I might add a few little races here and there just for fun.  I would continue going to the gym and then this summer I’d add in pool time with my son after my gym classes.  Let’s just say those little races have turned into bigger more complicated races that require training.  2012 is becoming the year of checking things off of my “Want To Do” list and checking a couple off my “Never Thought I’d Do” list.

I had planned on running my first Half Marathon this year without much training.  My best friend seemed to have different plans for me.  With about 5 weeks to go before the race, she put me on a training plan.  She had me running a few days of shorter miles and then one long run a week.  Sadly to say, this non-runner I am/was began to think of 3 miles as an easy short run.  Come race day I was fully prepared and ran a great time (in my opinion).  I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon in DC with a time of 2:16.  It was a very fun race and I got to meet up with a few fun online friends.

First Half Marathon Medal

I Finished 13.1 Miles!

While I was training for the Half Marathon, I ran across some other races which sounded fun.  I signed up for an indoor triathlon at my gym (Lifetime Fitness).  This will be the second time I have done the race.  You swim for 10 minutes, spin for 30 minutes, and run on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  Results are based on total distance covered.  I also signed up for a sprint triathlon and my biggest surprise sign up is for the Marine Corp Marathon.  Thankfully my best friend is doing the same type of races where she lives so we will be training together for these.  She’s the seasoned runner so she’ll be preparing the running plans.  I’m a long time swimmer so I’ll be preparing the swim plans.  As for the cycling, we are working together to come up with what we need to do.

I currently have one small glitch which is putting a slight damper on my training, I managed to hurt my foot the week before my Half Marathon.  I ignored the pain and ran anyway.  I had put too much time and training into the race to not actually run it.  I went to the doctor the following week and he’s thinking an injured tendon though it could be something like a bruised bone. Either way, I’m in a boot.  Hopefully for not much longer.  It’s not stopping me.  I can still do weights and swim.  I swim without kicking so my upper body is getting a great workout.

The Boot

Here are 2 of my training areas.  My pool at the gym and my indoor bike trainer and weights in my basement.

My Pool

Ready to Swim Some Laps

Bike, Indoor Trainer, and Weights

Aside from the physical training, I’m continuing to eat as I need to for fueling my body.  The body won’t go without the proper fuel.

The only way I’m going to fail is if I give up trying.  That’s not going to happen.

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Reaching Perfection

The Dream Body…does it exist?  For me, I have had an image in my head of what I thought I wanted my body to look like.  After I lost 50 pounds I was at a point where in my mind it was time to work on the actual image of my body.  Most of the unwanted fat was gone, but there were still a few areas that needed some work.  Some stubborn fat that was holding on for dear life.  It had to come off.  Then there were the areas that were lean enough, but it was time to build and tone the muscles.  Time to get the workouts and food plans done and get the body cooperating.  So that’s what I did.  I lost a little more weight, built some muscle, but I still wasn’t at that image I had in my head of my ideal body.  A vicious cycle was getting ready to begin – work my body hard and eat on task, not see the results so I get frustrated and give up, hate what has happened to my body from giving up, work my body hard and eat on task……  It had to stop.

A dear friend who is close to my heart, without even realizing it helped make something snap inside my head.  Why was I going through all this stress for this “perfect” body image?  Was it going to make me happier?  Would people like me better?  There was no answer as to why I was doing all this.  I worked hard and got my body to where it was healthy.  Was all this stress worth getting my body to “perfection”?  No.  There is no perfect body.  I may not be magazine cover material, but I’m happy with me.  I’m more than a scale number.  I look decent in my clothes and I feel good.  I can do so many things I couldn’t do at my heavier weight and now I’m even able to help others with their journey.

Am I still going to workout and eat mostly healthy?  Yes.  But it’s not about the “perfect” body.  It’s about staying in shape, working out with friends, and learning to love the person I am.

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Life’s Challenges Bring Gifts

Serenity Prayer

SERENITY, COURAGE, WISDOM – God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and Wisdom to know the difference.

A day doesn’t go by in which each of us is given some sort of challenge.  Some times we wake up in the morning knowing what some of these challenges will be.  Other times they will pop up when we least expect it.  In both instances we must face each challenge.  The question that arises is how do we face them?  Some people turn the question into, do I face it alone or with someone?  For me, I know I’m never alone.  God is going to be there to help me get through anything.  So I question whether or not to bring yet another person in to help me.  In the past I would have just kept quiet and continued on my way and not bothered anyone with any of my ‘trivial’ issues.  No reason to drag someone else into the mess.  Though now I look back and realize it was more of the fact I hadn’t found the right person to ‘drag into the mess’.  It’s about finding the right person to trust, the person that understands and can relate to you, and most importantly the person who is willing to be there for you and help you through anything.  I also believe God brings you this person when you are ready.  One thing I have learned – be willing to open your eyes, ears, and heart and you’ll receive some of the greatest gifts life has to offer.  I have recently and I’ve gained some of the most precious gifts ever which I hold close to my heart.

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Full Day Ahead

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  Once I drop my son off at school, the workouts begin.  Don’t worry, I’m not trying to overdo it or push myself to exhaustion.  Just lots of activities going on.  I have 2 classes in the morning at my gym, Strictly Strength and Spin. Those who take the class also refer to it as “Torture Tuesday”.  It is a well earned name.

In the early afternoon, I have a new class.  It’s not a gym class.  I have signed up to take Tae Kwon Do.  My son loves going and it looks like fun and a great workout, so I have signed up for a month trial.  My son thinks it’s funny that he has a belt and I don’t at this point.  So in total, tomorrow I have 3 classes and I have to get my 100 squats completed. This will make Day 16 of 100.  My Squat Event is still going strong and everyone who is participating is doing an awesome job.

Since I will be gone most of the day, I made and packed all my food this evening.  I can’t let my eating suffer just because I’m not going to be home.  I made a pact with some people to not eat junk for 5 days.  My plan is to continue even after the 5 days is over, but we all must start somewhere.  I’ve packed lunch and some snacks.  Since I will be very active tomorrow, I need to make sure I am fueling and refueling my body properly.

My Cooler

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New Day, New Things

Monday – The beginning of a new week.  It’s a beginning for many things.  I’ve begun my path back to where I was months ago (before the weight came back on).  Today, I started eating healthy again.  I haven’t eaten any ‘junk’ food today.  Just all natural yummy foods.  I will stay on track all week.  I may have one moment ‘off’ when I’m at my college football game on Sunday night and need dinner, but that’s the only time.

My son started school today.  He’s a big kindergartner.  He’s in a private school and he has to wear a uniform everyday which includes a tie.  He looked so handsome this morning.

With my son in school now, I have more time for morning workouts.  Today I did my 100 squats on the Bosu, TRX abs, and lifted weights (biceps, triceps, lats).  Afterwards, I went to my kickboxing class to get in a little more strength work and get my cardio done.  I plan on making my mornings full of workouts.

So today marks the day everything starts up.  One of my close friends and I are on a mission to get back where we used to be before summer got the best of us.


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Making a Difference

Why do we do what we do?  There are so many reasons attached to every action we do. Recently I started a challenge online – 100 Squats a Day for 100 Days.  (If you care to join and are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163481407061289).  And you don’t have to be online to do them.  Seems like a lot to do, but I believe once you get going, you’ll find you can do them.  There’s no strict enforcement and you can do them however you want.  There are various types of squats and you can break the 100 up throughout the day.

I originally did this for myself.  I need to get my body back into the shape it was before summer.  I figured I could drag some friends along and make it a fun little challenge.  Now the reasons for the challenge have expanded.  They’ve expanded to almost 1,000 reasons. The people ‘attending’ the challenge has grown to almost 1,000 people.  Never in my mind would I have thought this would happen.  Without trying to sound conceded, I’m actually making a difference in people’s lives.  Some people are trying new things and some are starting to move again for the first time in a long time.  Most of these people I don’t know and will never meet.  A friend posted a photo of her and her coworkers doing squats at work.  I was so amazed and happy to see this.

Working on their 100 Squats for the day

I have quickly learned whether you are trying or not, you can always make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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